"Aceitunas Molero S.L." began their walking in 1973, in a warehouse located in the village of Nazaret (Valencia) with a surface of 800m2 where the elaboration of the olive was made with very traditional methods and human effort.

It was towards the year 1980 when change his location to the "Polígono Industrial Castilla" of Cheste (Valencia) where was constructed an industrial local of 1000m2, modernizing its facilities.

Currently, it is had a surface of 7000m2 where we count of all the necessary facilities for the elaboration of olives and pickles of quality, having a park of 12 vehicles in the company to the commercialization and distribution of products, as well as the mechanization of the production process. We have a list of more than 4000 clients both of small-medium clients and wholesale retailers.

Our production includes olives of all type, as "manzanilla" in his different varieties ("manzanilla fina", "sérrana", "carrasqueña"), "morón, hojiblanca, pico limón, morada, marcida, cuquillo, gordal, verdial, picua, lechín, cornicabra, blanqueta". These varieties are brought to our factory in green, where a fermentation process for its later process of elaboration and packaging for the commercialization is made. Also, and in the sector of pickles, we make "pepinillo, cebolla, pimiento picante, tomate, tapera, taperote, guindillas, altramuces,...".

All of this, make proud of to us of the work and the effort made in all these years by "Aceitunas Molero S.L."